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New Yeoman generator-castrum

Nick Treadway just released a bloat free Sass responsive grid system and thats it! generator-castrum

More info coming soon on how to start using this new grid with your #html5 projects

Aug 3

A fun friday at Yeti-Media

Today it was decided that it was going to be a fun friday at the Yeti-Media Office.

Instead of bringing our own lunch or even going out to lunch we decided to enjoy the sunshine and have a BBQ. Burgers, Veggie Burgers, Potato Salad, Grilled corn on the cob and of course Bloody Ghost Chili Beers.  You may ask what the heck is a bloody ghost chili beer? Well It is PBR, Bloody Mary Mix, and GHOST CHILI SAUCE. We like it hot.


Happy Friday From all of us here at Yeti-media. If you find yourself in Orange County California this weekend. The Yeti Team will be at The Santa Ana Art Walk Saturday Evening. We hope to see you there. We Hope You Enjoy Your weekend. 

And don’t forget We are currently accepting new projects. Get your app started today. Yeti Media: A web an mobile apps shop  feel free to contact us at 

Aug 2

Meet some of our team members.

The first Yeti Team member we will introduce is……….

Yeti Media’s CEO Nick Treadway . 

Second is Yeti-Media’s CTO Nicolas Santa 

Next is Patrick Yeo he is our star junior front end developer

 Ariel Fernando Diaz Bermejo, He is The VP of Engineering here at Yeti-Media

Leandro Marcucci, He is a Senior Developer here at Yeti-Media. He Loves clowning around, when he’s not working of course. 

Last but not least is Salvador Olocco Gorla, He is one of our Developers here at


 I am loving how much fun the staff is here.  I will highlight more of amazing Team very soon. You know you would love this fun bunch to work on your next project.

Get in touch to quickly turn your ideas into solid applications.

Also check out our new Website. 

Aug 2

Website Revamped.

Yeti-Media has been working hard to revamp our website. We added lots of new exciting information and links. We added a meet the staff section as well as new Yeti Pet. Meigo the yeti is on vacation so he sent us a new relative to stand in for him on the website. 

Feel free to pop over and check it out. We are also currently accepting new clients looking for web or mobile applications to be built. The sky is the limit on what we can help you create. Head over to and if your interested in our services from our custom app shop feel free to email us at .

Hope you are having a wonderful day. 

Realizing how much fun it is to connect with

With alot going on in my daily life lately and working many hours behind a computer screen i had not had the chance to go out and get feed back and actually try out Yeti Media’s new App personally.

I decided it was time for a break and a get away. So i packed my bags booked a flight and Off to Southern California i went. Upon boarding my flight i noticed a nice lady was taking the seat next to me by the window. As the plane took off from PDX airport i looked out her window and noticed three volcanoes and insisted on pulling out my phone to take pictures. This was the ice breaker for her to start talking to me. Our conversation started off with small talk about the volcanoes then moved into whats your name and what do you do for a living. 2 hours later as the plane descended into LGB airport The big question was How do i keep in touch with you. So i pulled out my phone and asked her if she had a QR Reader app on her phone. Her response was Of course. I pulled up my Friendscan me Card that i had saved via screen shot on my iPhone. I had her scan it and her eyes lit up like she had just struck gold. To her surprise after scanning my QR Card it brought up a screen for her to keep in touch via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Github, and Linkedin. She decided to choose Facebook and Instagram and within a second i had a notification to add her on the 2 social media sites. Whazam done and done. This was so much easier than digging for a pen and paper in my carry on and chancing losing that piece of paper when i empty my pockets upon arriving at my destination.

Straight from the airport i Headed to DMV to handel some forgotten business from when i lived in California. The line was wrapped around the building and i was not looking forward to the wait. As i stood there i began to look around for someone intresting in line to chat with to help pass the time. And just then a nice man behind me struck up a conversation about how this line was crazy and DMV needed a better system of dealing with things. Our conversation soon turned into so what brings you here, whats your name, and so on about Life and all that fun jazz. Before we knew it 3 hours had passed and we were just making it inside the door and were still chatting. we were talking about music by this point and were holding our phones shaing new bands and playing their songs to each other. We were handed #’s by the lady at the DMV desk and were told that we had to wait on the oppisite sides of the room. A big boo to that. He asked if there was any way to keep in touch so once again i pulled out my QR Code Card and he scanned it. His eyes also lit up like magic. To his surprise there were all of my social media pages in one easy spot for him to choose how he wanted to stay in touch. and from the time i pulled out my phone got to my saved screen shot and he scanned it i swear it took no more than one minute and we were connected.

I have since used several other times on this trip and im only 3 days into this adventure. But i must say i am loving having at my finger tips. No more wasting paper or ending up with random napkins with peoples info scribbled on it and trying to read their writing. No more digging for a pen. No more worries of losing their info. I believe is one of my favorite new apps and by far the easiest and most fun way to connect with all the new people i am meeting on this trip.

I cant wait to see what tomorrow brings and what kind of new amazing people i may be able to connect with next.

To get your Personal Social media QR Code and Card head over to and sign up. Its fast, fun, and easy.  

Big Things to come From Apple. Good or bad? Im sure we will find out soon.

In case you were wondering why your old iPhone is lagging again. Yes you guessed it right Apple has lots of new releases on their way. You say more then you posted about 2 days ago? And my answer to that is yes a lot more. And i am only able to cover another small section of them in this update too. I also figured maybe i should get a little more opinionated in this blog and let you know what my speculations are. SO here we go. Please enjoy and I love feed back. 

Upon more research of All of apples new announcements Im noticing a few flaws in their plans and new releases. The new Retina display that after more research i discovered that it is virtually impossible for this to be fixed if something goes wrong. Great for apple but not for my wallet.
It disturbs me to discover that apple also holds the most credit card numbers on file in their iTunes store. Sounds like a hackers wet dream to me.  Then there is the phasing out of Disk drives in apple products. Well what if i live in the past century and still own a huge CD collection that couldn’t all be loaded on my past computer? so now i have to figure out how to get them into iTunes to load on my iPod? And all 20 million pictures i have backed up on disks when i was working as a photographer? I guess i have to load through one machine now onto my back up drive so i am prepared for the future.  This sounds like more hours of work then i have available in the near future. 

But There are some advantages to some of their new announcements such as The OS X system. 
Its a fact that OS Lion was the best selling release ever and over 40% of users are on it now. This is just stats with in the past 9 months. ANd so soon after they come out with the release of Mountain Lion with 26million Copies shipped. Mac installed Base has reached 66 million. Those numbers just blow my mind. The charts show that OS X Lion has sky rocketed faster and higher then Windows 7 which honestly doesn’t surprise me all that much cause i have my quarrels with MS but that is for another post. Ill be nice to MS for today. 

Mountain Lion is a major new release with hundreds of new features. iCloud is just one new main feature with already 125 MILLION iCloud users already. Mountain lion has iCloud support built in. When you sign in with you account It configures all of your apps and content across all devices. They have integrated a feature they are calling Documents in the Cloud. When you launch pages it will show you all the docs you have in the cloud. 

There is a great little notes app that now supports images and links . They even added a whole new notification system called Growl. EEEKKK i don’t like the sound of that. Why does the mouton Lion have to growl at me? apple play nice . I want to love my mac product not have it growl at me.  I do sort of like the dictation but at the same time. It makes me think the Disney Pixar movie WallE was right about our future. Yes thats right i just compared our future to a children’s movie. 

With OS X there is now a feature called Power Nap that keeps your mac up to date while it sleep. Can someone program me to to do such things? Its scary that my phone and computer are a heck of a lot smarter than i am sometimes. And now Apple announces that My computer can continue working for me when I’m not, It refreshes data, silent, and. power efficiently. That works for me. 

For $19.99 You can order your upgrade to add Mountain Lion which will ship in July. you can now upgrade from Lion and Even Snow Leopard. And if you purchase a NEW Mac your upgrade is free. At the conference  they were giving Dev’s access to a near final preview. 

Apple also announced the release of IOS 6 . Apple has sold more than 365 million IOS devices. WOW thats how many days of the year there are times 1 million. And these statistics are just through March. Most users are now running IOS 5 SInce They introduced the original Notification center 81% of the apps are using it. They are sending 1.5 Trillion Push notifications. These numbers are still hard for me to wrap my mind around. 140 million iMessage users, 150 Billion messages sent and 1 billion of them are just in a 24 hour period. 

Twitter has seen a 3 times growth increase on IOS5. Thats a lot of tweets. The Game center now has 130 million accounts. and keeps track of 5 Billion scores per week.

Apple is proud to announce that in recent surveys that more than 75% of their customers have checked the VERY SATISFIED box while the competition has less than 50% . 

IOS will have over 200 new features starting with SURI. I really hope they bring back Suri’s sass. 
Suri has only been out for 8 months and does so much but this time they sent her back to school to study up. Suri has learned all about sports now. SHe can now give you scores to the Hockey games, baseball players batting average and other stats on players from any sport. 

Suri also figured out how to launch apps. This is my favorite part. They still haven’t taught her to do your laundry or clean the house(Give them time though) but they have really brightened her up with a little more education.  Heck Suri can now tweet for you. Just be careful what you say around her she may send out messages of your conversations. Sneaky Sassy little lady. 

The next announcement was about a new eyes free device to be installed in your car. They have been working with car manufactures to include a button that will bring up sure so you can keep your eyes on the road and your hands on the wheel. Just the Doors song. A number of manufactures have committed to have this new feature on the road in the next year. 

They are even teaching Suri a bunch of new Languages. Wow just 8 months of learning and i think Suri has learned more than i did in my 15 years of schooling. She is upgrading from Just the iPhone to the iPad now too. 

And they have added FB like buttons to the app store so your friends can see what apps your using and you can share them on your social media pages. 

Apple is adding quick response text buttons like ill call you later, Im on my way, What’s up, and then the option to add your own custom replies. A do not disturb option has been added too. I love this feature. “I can see many of you are like me and you’ve been awakened in the middle of the night — this tells your phone not to bother you. The messages will still come to your phone, it just won’t light up the screen or make a sound.” 

FaceTime will now be available over cellular instead of just Wi-Fi which i think is genius and its about time. 

These are just a few more new additions that apple has on its way for us. And regardless of what my opinion may be at this moment. Im willing to try them all out and see how they all work and make my official judgement from there. Right now i can just speculate on my doubts and what i have read but that still won’t change the fact that i use and Love my Mac Products.  The views of this Blog are just one persons opinion and is not the opinion of the whole Yeti Team.  Thank you

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Apple announces the new Notebooks.

Apple held their 23rd World wide Developers Conference In San Francisco yesterday. They had a lot  of really amazing announcements and unveilings. Followed up with some breathe taking statistics they shared. The conference sold out in 1 hour and 43 minutes.  there were over 1000 Apple engineers there. Apple closed for the week to hold the conference. We will start with some fun statistics and focus on the Notebook series in this blog. 

Apple opened up the conference with some amazing music and a brief chat with Suri. 

Did you know that there are 396 venture capital firms close to us right now in San Francisco.

So if any of you developers need investors to fund your app san francisco is a good place to start. 

Some of the fun facts they started with were some such as Updates to the App store.  They announced there are currently 400 Million accounts on the app store as of today. Each of those accounts has a credit card linked it for quick buying. The app store has the largest amount of credit cards on file anywhere in the world. There are 650,000 Apps in that store. 225,000 of those apps are made just for the iPad. Apple hit a new milestone with the breathe taking number 30 billion apps  being downloaded by customers around the world. Congrats Apple. 

Their next announcement was that They had paid out over 5 Billion dollars to Developers around the Globe. 

WHile apple already operates in 120 countries around the world they are opening up the market to another 32 to that list. “Our goal is and always has been to great work and make a difference in peoples lives. A lot of the apps that they previewed have surely done just that. 

Next they announced a few changes in the note book line up and new versions of OS and IOS.

They first introduced the Mac book Air, that everyone is trying to copy but can’t just get it down the way apple has. The new Macbook air will now be equipt with 3rd gen core AKA Ivy Bridge, Up to 2.0GHZ rule core i7, Turbo boost up to 3.2GHz, Up to 8GB 1600MHz memory,  60% faster graphics, And up to 512GB Flash storage. This makes it faster than any hard drive that can be put into a notebook. They are also adding USB 3, which is up to 10 times faster than USB 2. The Macbook air will have a port on each side to support both USB 2 and 3. Apple is updating the FaceTime camera to a 720p camera. and it will still come in an 11 inch and a 13 inch. The prices are $999 and $1099 which is cheaper than ever before. Thank you apple for making your amazing products even more affordable.  These Mac Book Airs start shipping Yesterday. 

The Macbook Pro has a few really sweet updates. The updates are to help customers with the speed of their music, video, and design. They have updated the MBP processors to IVY Bridge 2.7 GHz, turbo boosted up to 3.7 GHz, Up to 8GB  1600 MHz memory, unto 60% faster graphics. They are also adding  new generation NVIDA Geforce 650M Graphics, New Kepler architecture, up to 1 GB video memory which will  make it up to 60% faster. As expected they are updating the IO too and the USB 3 to top it off. The pice and battery life will both remain the same but in my opinion that is just fine with me. The Mac book Pro is also available as of yesterday too. 

The most exciting announcement and unveiling was the next generation Mac Book Pro. It is by far the most beautiful notebook ever made. Its thin and looks like there are no ports or maybe almost no ports. Its thinner than my finger, light weight and so sexy. Truly a break through in engineering.This Notebook measures in at a whole 0.71 inches (About as thin as the mac book air). It weighs in at under 4 1/2 lbs. This is officially the lightest pro yet. The display is just as if not more beautiful as the design and engineering.  The new Generation Now has Retina Display. Yes the pixels are so small that your retina can not discern them.  15.4 inches across  2880x1800 and 220ppi making this the worlds highest resolution notebook display. Thats 4 times the number of pixels. The glare has been reduced by 75% and the screen now has a higher angle of viewing. The OS had to be updated to support the new display. A lot of applications had to be updated for the new display. They have had some key developers working on this for a while now. Everything inside the notebook has been reinvented too. 

Its dominated by battery. I have to give it up for everyone at APPLE who have been working on this amazing machine. This notebook has the fastest RAM, the fastest Graphics and its all built around flash storage that holds up to 786 GB and now with up to 16GB of memory. 

Now you may ask with all these upgrades what is that going to do to my battery life? Well Your battery will last up to 7 hours and up to 30 days on standby. It is equipt with a back lit key board, multi touch track pad, 802.11 n Wi-Fi, 4.0 Bluetooth, dual microphones, and the best speakers you will find in a notebook to date. So powerful and still portable This extremely stacked base starts at $2199 and was made environmentally friendly And you guessed right Started Shipping yesterday. 

Get your credit cards out and head over to the apple store. 

The only thing I’m not happy about with the new notebook line is there being no Disk drive as they are phasing them out. 

Thank you for reading. 

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Jun 6

Instagram and Github Added to

Yeti media has added two new features to their QR Code application. You can now sign up to get your own personal QR Code to have people scan to connect with you on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, and now Instagram and Github. Head over to to sign up and give it a try.  Imagine 1 QR code to connect with all of your Social Media pages. 

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How to use

I would like to start by saying thank you for giving us such amazing feed back on our new application . With your feed back we discovered that we needed to make a few changes. SO, we did just that.  We just recently made it a little easier for you to book mark the QR code to your phone to carry with you every where. I decided to make a little tutorial for those of you who are having problems figuring out how to use .

1) Go to the website on your phone  

2) Once there click on EITHER (Connect with Facebook) or (Sign in with Twitter)

3) Once signed in you will see a funny looking Bar code called a QR Code

QR stands for Quick Response.  

(Make sure you have a QR Scanner on your phone which can be found in the app store)

4) (On iPhone) Click on the square with the arrow coming out of it. Then choose add to home screen.    This will Bookmark your QR Code page to your home screen. 

You also have the option of Screen capturing it and saving it in your pictures. 

(On Android) You are going to want to Press the Menu button and select Bookmarks. Press and hold on the Bookmark you just created, and select Add shortcut to Home. This will put a shortcut icon on the current Home screen that allows one-touch access to the page.

Now you can go out and meet people and always have your QR code in your pocket.

It is basically a way to simplify your real world life contacts by translating your social networks into a QR code. Others can scan your QR code and add you as a friend instantly! No more fumbling with email addresses or spelling names, just scan, confirm, and you’re done! is now available for TWITTER and FACEBOOK. We Plan to Open it up to allow you to connect within  Linkedin  also, within the next week. To make your business life just as easy to connect with new people as your social life. 

If you have anymore feedback on Please feel free to to the bottom of the page at and click on the Feature Request and Report link at the bottom of the page. We check these daily. 

I Hope this is helpful. Thank you again. 

<div class=”fb-like” data-href=”” data-send=”true” data-width=”450” data-show-faces=”true”></div> is now available in Spanish!

Add friends to your social networks in the real world with you own custom QR code.
Simplify your real world life contacts by translating your social networks into a QR code.

Others can scan your QR code and add you as a friend instantly! No more fumbling with email addresses or spelling names, just scan, confirm, and you’re done!