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Apple announces the new Notebooks.

Apple held their 23rd World wide Developers Conference In San Francisco yesterday. They had a lot  of really amazing announcements and unveilings. Followed up with some breathe taking statistics they shared. The conference sold out in 1 hour and 43 minutes.  there were over 1000 Apple engineers there. Apple closed for the week to hold the conference. We will start with some fun statistics and focus on the Notebook series in this blog. 

Apple opened up the conference with some amazing music and a brief chat with Suri. 

Did you know that there are 396 venture capital firms close to us right now in San Francisco.

So if any of you developers need investors to fund your app san francisco is a good place to start. 

Some of the fun facts they started with were some such as Updates to the App store.  They announced there are currently 400 Million accounts on the app store as of today. Each of those accounts has a credit card linked it for quick buying. The app store has the largest amount of credit cards on file anywhere in the world. There are 650,000 Apps in that store. 225,000 of those apps are made just for the iPad. Apple hit a new milestone with the breathe taking number 30 billion apps  being downloaded by customers around the world. Congrats Apple. 

Their next announcement was that They had paid out over 5 Billion dollars to Developers around the Globe. 

WHile apple already operates in 120 countries around the world they are opening up the market to another 32 to that list. “Our goal is and always has been to great work and make a difference in peoples lives. A lot of the apps that they previewed have surely done just that. 

Next they announced a few changes in the note book line up and new versions of OS and IOS.

They first introduced the Mac book Air, that everyone is trying to copy but can’t just get it down the way apple has. The new Macbook air will now be equipt with 3rd gen core AKA Ivy Bridge, Up to 2.0GHZ rule core i7, Turbo boost up to 3.2GHz, Up to 8GB 1600MHz memory,  60% faster graphics, And up to 512GB Flash storage. This makes it faster than any hard drive that can be put into a notebook. They are also adding USB 3, which is up to 10 times faster than USB 2. The Macbook air will have a port on each side to support both USB 2 and 3. Apple is updating the FaceTime camera to a 720p camera. and it will still come in an 11 inch and a 13 inch. The prices are $999 and $1099 which is cheaper than ever before. Thank you apple for making your amazing products even more affordable.  These Mac Book Airs start shipping Yesterday. 

The Macbook Pro has a few really sweet updates. The updates are to help customers with the speed of their music, video, and design. They have updated the MBP processors to IVY Bridge 2.7 GHz, turbo boosted up to 3.7 GHz, Up to 8GB  1600 MHz memory, unto 60% faster graphics. They are also adding  new generation NVIDA Geforce 650M Graphics, New Kepler architecture, up to 1 GB video memory which will  make it up to 60% faster. As expected they are updating the IO too and the USB 3 to top it off. The pice and battery life will both remain the same but in my opinion that is just fine with me. The Mac book Pro is also available as of yesterday too. 

The most exciting announcement and unveiling was the next generation Mac Book Pro. It is by far the most beautiful notebook ever made. Its thin and looks like there are no ports or maybe almost no ports. Its thinner than my finger, light weight and so sexy. Truly a break through in engineering.This Notebook measures in at a whole 0.71 inches (About as thin as the mac book air). It weighs in at under 4 1/2 lbs. This is officially the lightest pro yet. The display is just as if not more beautiful as the design and engineering.  The new Generation Now has Retina Display. Yes the pixels are so small that your retina can not discern them.  15.4 inches across  2880x1800 and 220ppi making this the worlds highest resolution notebook display. Thats 4 times the number of pixels. The glare has been reduced by 75% and the screen now has a higher angle of viewing. The OS had to be updated to support the new display. A lot of applications had to be updated for the new display. They have had some key developers working on this for a while now. Everything inside the notebook has been reinvented too. 

Its dominated by battery. I have to give it up for everyone at APPLE who have been working on this amazing machine. This notebook has the fastest RAM, the fastest Graphics and its all built around flash storage that holds up to 786 GB and now with up to 16GB of memory. 

Now you may ask with all these upgrades what is that going to do to my battery life? Well Your battery will last up to 7 hours and up to 30 days on standby. It is equipt with a back lit key board, multi touch track pad, 802.11 n Wi-Fi, 4.0 Bluetooth, dual microphones, and the best speakers you will find in a notebook to date. So powerful and still portable This extremely stacked base starts at $2199 and was made environmentally friendly And you guessed right Started Shipping yesterday. 

Get your credit cards out and head over to the apple store. 

The only thing I’m not happy about with the new notebook line is there being no Disk drive as they are phasing them out. 

Thank you for reading. 

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